AI powered customer data and intelligence platform

By Zylotech

Zylotech is an AI powered customer data and intelligence platform


ZyloTech is a Self-Learning customer data platform that helps marketers create complete customer profiles for targeting revenue opportunities more effectively. Powered by AutoML, the platform continuously unifies and enriches internal and external data, and performs ongoing micro-segmentation, pattern discovery, and recommendations, all while integrating with a variety of marketing clouds for on-demand accessibility


Data Layer

The data layer identifies all the relevant data in your ecosystem, across all of your data sources, then unifies, cleanses and enriches it.

Analytics Layer

Our embedded AutoML models assess customer behavior/intent and unearth trends and patterns that predict future behavior with accuracy.


Zylotech integrates with all available data sources as well as marketing execution and BI platforms, email providers, mobile channels, POS and others.

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Data In: Pull data from your entire marketing stack. Complete customer profiles empower highly effective campaigns and retention programs.


Insights OutWhatever marketing platform you use, deep insights from our Analytics Layer can trigger campaigns and populate your dashboards.

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