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ZootRock for Marketo

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Drive real ROI from Social Media with relevant content for your industry that drives leads to your site.
Main Features
  • Effortless Content Curation
  • Calls to Action on Articles
  • Integrate Lead Forms
  • Track Clicks and Conversions

Frustrated with investing time, effort and money in Social Media to see now increase in traffic or leads?

ZootRock can save this frustration and integrate seamlessly with Marketo to populate your Marketo Leads directly from the content you share on Social Media.

ZootRock has 4 major features:

  1. Curated Third Party Content
    Become a thought leader in your industry and engage with other thought leaders.
    ZootRock curates relevant third party content for you to share on Social Media - automatically. With our curated streams and a myriad of topics/categories to choose from, you'll never have to spend hours searching for new, interesting stories on your own.
  2. Increase Leads and Drive Traffic from Content Shares on Social
    ZootRock inserts Calls-to-Action, Landing Pages, Surveys and Videos on top of the Content you Share so when someone clicks on a link you have shared it drives traffic, increases leads, gathers survey responses and more from the User who clicks on that link.  Never waste a social media share again. 
  3. Create Original Content
    Create WordPress Blog Posts in less than 5 minutes from Instagram Content.  This feature is world-first and not provided by any other Social Media tool.
  4. Expand the Reach of your Blogs
    Band together with others in your field to share each other's Blog posts on Social Media.  Stop sending emails asking people to do this - ZootRock automates this whole process simply and easily.
Get Started today on a 30 Day Trial and integrate your Marketo Landing Pages into ZootRock Overlays to drive more Leads from Social.
ZootRock supports these Channels:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • Scoop.it
  • RSS