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Zoomph is a B2B SaaS platform providing social media listening, analysis, and visualization for leading companies in industry.
Main Features
  • Content Discovery
  • Audience Discovery
  • Content Insight
  • Audience Insight

Zoomph has a solid foundation in social media analysis for audience development, brand management, real-time social monitoring, deep social insight etc. We have proven performance record working with multiple Fortune 500 companies who use us for tracking and analyzing owned, earned, paid, community and competitive data on social media. Zoomph supports over 400 clients globally and processes over 600 million social posts monthly.  

  1. Content Discovery: Identify real-time the Tweets, Instagrams and other social posts that are attracting the most attention and use that content to drive word-of-mouth marketing efforts.
  2. Audience Discovery: Zoomph can identify and rank social influencers who are attracting the most attention and engagement. Use this information to build relationships with the right people at the right time to develop your brand on social.
  3. Audience Insight: Provide a 360 degree view of your consumers that helps you understand the demographic alignment, location, brand and celebrity affinities. Compare this with your competition to identify campaign opportunities.
  4. Content Insights: Provide your brand real-time insight into trending conversations right now such as top hashtags, trending shared links, rich emotional analysis that includes emoji and sentiment analysis. Use the language of your consumers to connect with them on their terms.

Zoomph can integrate into a broader ecosystem of products and platforms. 

  1. Push into Marketing Automation/CRM: Push social records from Zoomph’s Audience Discovery into your CRM and outbound marketing systems.
  2. Enriching Marketing Automation/CRM with Zoomph: Use Zoomph to rehydrate consumer data in your CRM and outbound marketing systems to segment your audiences for outbound marketing and advertising.