Zift Channel Partner Support

By Zift Solutions, Inc.

Zift Solutions extends the value of your Marketo system to distribute, engage, co-market and track leads sent to partners.


Zift Solutions, a leader in channel marketing automation, now extends the value of your Marketo system to distribute, engage and track leads sent to partners, distributors and dealers through the use of the Zift Marketo Partner Echosystem App and the Zift123 partner marketing platform.

Partners can be automatically notified of marketing qualified leads in Zift123 that they can then accept or reject. You can also enable leads to be automatically marketed to by the partners, or automatically passed to your partners sales CRM solution and then the disposition of those leads can be routed back into your Marketo system.


The Zift-Marketo integration allows both leads and campaign materials to be pushed from Marketo out to channel partner communities to support both co-branded marketing efforts and channel partner led sales follow ups. 

This extends Marketo to support thru-partner marketing and also provides the Marketo user visibility into channel partners' marketing activities.

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