Zentrick for Marketo: Smart Video Leads

By Zentrick

Zentrick adds real-time interactivity to desktop and mobile video content. Now with integrated video leads for Marketo.


Video is a wildly powerful storytelling medium

It takes all that’s great about the visual Web, and amplifies it with the addition of sound, motion and time. Zentrick now adds a fifth dimension to video: conversion. This makes video every bit as accountable as your other strategies.

Zentrick is serious about smart video

Imagine a lightweight interactivity layer that sits atop your video, bringing your narrative to life. That’s Zentrick. It’s like a visual hyperlink you can apply to any object or idea in your video in the confines of a standard video frame - that results in 10X the engagement of standard video.

Video conversions, meet Marketo

Zentrick-powered videos create a standalone conversion ‘microfunnel’ when paired with Marketo. Rather than tacking video onto your landing page, your video can now act as the landing page itself. And that ‘landing video’ can travel across the Web — on any platform or device.

Make it count

Zentrick’s analytics cover every hover, click, pause, buy and swipe, on every device.

Make it personalized

Start with any new or existing video, and use data and contextual signals – such as language, location or daypart – to assemble a custom experience for every user, just like on a webpage. Or, turn a global video asset into a local one instantly by swapping out the interactive elements.

Make it scale

The number of potential combinations of distribution platforms, devices, browsers and formats that marketers have to contend with is mind-boggling. We’ve solved that playout hurdle for you with the Zentrick Anywhere Engine. Any screen. Any device.

Keep it current

Zentrick pulls in the latest data or social feeds to make sure your interactive elements stay fresh and relevant. Need to make changes? Update once and live it goes – everywhere your video is published.

Who should use Zentrick?

• Buy button for shoppable video
• Email sign-ups
• Download whitepapers
• Contact sales
• Register for a webinar or demo
• Sign up for a trial
• Drive app downloads
• Activate contests/gamification

• Owned Web proprieties, landing pages
• Social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
• Across desktop, smartphones and tablets
• Paid media

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Off-the-Charts Video ROI with Zentrick for Marketo


  • Access Zentrick’s easy-to-use self-service platform
  • Drag-and-drop customizable, in-video Marketo forms
  • Flow leads directly into your Marketo account


  • Initiate calls to action directly from your video
  • Convert anonymous views into valuable leads
  • Remarket to viewers based on in-video actions


  • Use any video or audio element to inspire in-video actions
  • Trigger emails, social or paid media based on viewer engagement
  • A/B test creative and optimize calls to action


  • Deploy easily with a simple embed code
  • Scale and optimize video for any-screen playout
  • Save time with standard IAB formats


  • Gain granular performance insight with microanalytics
  • Attribute tangible video ROI from video leads
  • Maintain control over your own data

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