ZenDirect - Automated Print Marketing

By ZenPrint, LLC

Easily personalize, print and send "handwritten" cards, letters, physical mailers and gifts right from within Marketo


ZenDirect is automated print marketing made easy! It helps you as the marketer or entrepreneur build better relationships with your clients, employees and prospects. It lets you easily personalize, print and send "handwritten" cards, letters, physical mailers and gifts right from within Marketo. Works great for automated marketing, lead gen/nurturing, and client success use cases.

Specific ZenDirect use cases include:
- Customer Appreciation Marketing
- Targeted Lead Generation and Nurturing
- New Customer Welcome Kits
- Birthday Cards and Gifts Campaigns
- Automated Campaign Follow-up
- Referral Recognition
- Appointment Reminders
- Big Ticket Sales
- Event Registration / Tickets
- Unique E-commerce Coupon Codes
- Employee & Sales Recognition
- Collections and Invoicing
- Net Promoter and other Survey Incentives
- Automate Promo Products and Lumpy Mail Campaigns
- Many more....

ZenDirect for Marketo is a free integration! Simply create a free account at ZenDirect.com and design your cards/mailers. For best results, add a default return address, a valid credit card and enable auto-replenishment one-time in ZenDirect. Now, you can utilize Marketo webhooks or alert e-mails to trigger personalized print marketing campaigns on auto-pilot. It's really that easy!

Why we're better:
- No setup or ongoing integration fees...spend your $$ on actual marketing
- ZenDirect is a self-service and user-friendly web app
- Cards and mailers printed and mailed next business day
- Unmatched print quality
- Reasonable product costs on cards/mailers/gifts
- Private label fulfillment; we never brand your cards
- Unlimited personalization and variable data options
- Auto-replenishment means you'll never sweat running out of credits
- Broad array of print/marketing products available (new products added regularly)
- Dedicated Dev and support teams to help you succeed

ZenDirect is built and maintained by ZenPrint. Let us know how we can help!


ZenDirect lets you easily personalize, print and send "handwritten" cards, letters, physical mailers and gifts right from within Marketo.

We are here to help you! Contact Marketo/ZenDirect integration specialist John Salcedo ([email protected] or 801-709-1404) if you need assistance with the integration or setting up your campaigns.

There are currently two ways to integrate with ZenDirect into Marketo:

1) Using Webhooks. Once your design projects are setup in ZenDirect, specify the project, optional gift and return address to create a URL Mailer Action. Copy and paste this URL along with relevant template info back into your Marketo Campaign Webhook to trigger and personalize this mailer for each recipient.

2) Using Alert E-mails. Create an e-mail template that specifies the project, optional gift and recipient mailing address info. Don't forget to include your security key from ZenDirect. Each time the alert e-mail is triggered, it fires off an e-mail to "[email protected]" which in turn personalizes and sends out the mailer on your behalf.

Your team can also send mailers/gifts to customers or leads on a one-off basis using this same e-mail integration. Just send an "print" e-mail to "[email protected]" and it's done. It's that easy!




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