Marketo Integration by Zapier

By Zapier

Connect Marketo to 650+ apps and automate all your tedious workflows. Never import/export or copy/paste again. Zapier does it for you.


Save Time With Automation

Zapier can automate all of your tedious tasks for you. Set up workflows called Zaps in minutes, without any coding or technical knowledge.

All you have to do is choose which app and event you want to listen for (like a new form submission), and which actions you'd like Zapier to take automatically in response (like adding a lead).

You'll never have to copy contacts between apps, import or export data, and won't need to enter anything manually more than once. No duplicates, no typos, no time lost.

Beyond Automated Exports

  • Chain any number of Actions after your Trigger event to create a Multi-Step Zap. Add new leads automatically from your form, send them to your contact list, reply with an automated welcome email, and get a chat notification for it—all at once.
  • Need to translate, convert, or manipulate your info before storing it? Zapier's Formatter app can find and replace text, capitalize names, or split them. The Translate app can enable automated responses in your leads' native language, and you can even run custom Python or JS Code steps for complete control.
  • Master your workflows over time with Schedule and Delay, allowing you to trigger workflows when particular due dates come around, or pause your automations for some time to control entire processes

Let Zapier Do Your Work

You won't have to learn any new skills or tools to work with Zapier. The Marketo Integration links your leads to over 650 apps, including all the popular ones you use, like:

  • Typeform
  • FullContact
  • Calendly
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Google Sheets
  • Eventbrite
  • Gravity Forms

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Connect Your Leads to Every App

As a marketer, there's a lot you have to juggle, no matter if you're a scrappy startup or part of an established enterprise. Your focus may be on lead acquisition one moment, churn the next. Between important work like content creation and analytics review, you don't have time to spare for slow, manual processes.

Zapier's Marketo integration can route leads from any other app you use into your system automatically, and will also send out any new leads you add on Marketo wherever you need them.

From getting chat notifications to logging new leads in databases and capturing newsletter subscribers, a few minutes spent setting things up —no coding needed—save hours through automation.

Workflows For Every Business

  • Import new leads from every other app you use in your workflow, from Google Sheets to Typeform and Pipedrive.
  • You can even add leads to specific lists as they heat up.
  • We'll never create duplicates for you, either: Intelligent searches can check if your lead exists and update their details, only adding new contacts if they don't exist.
  • Tired of exporting leads into your CRM or personal contact list? Zapier automation can copy each new one you add, without fail.
  • Use the "New Lead" Trigger to kick-off a number of follow-up workflows, like Slack notifications to alert the team or Trello cards to make sure you take appropriate action—it's all completely customizable.

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