Yiftee eGift Cards for Enterprise

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The gifting solution for enterprise customers-boost lead generation, appreciate clients, & engage prospects w/ eGifts.


Yiftee is the gifting solution for enterprise users.  Send gifts to clients or prospects for event attendence, lead generation, high touch engagement, brand engagement, sports marketing & sponsorships... any reason to eDeliver a gift card to anyone, instantly.

Gifts are sent and received via email, text and Twitter and include a branded personal message.  Send one or 1,000 gifts at a time.  The gift recipients get weekly eReminders of the gift and who sent it, plus the ability to exchange or donate the gift at your option, right from the gift voucher. No app download is required.

You see when a gift is received and redeemed, giving your team a great reason to contact the client or prospect.  You pay only for gifts redeemed.  Unredeemed gift value is returned to your account after it expires. 



It’s So Easy

Adding an eGift to a campaign has never been easier.  Our integration with Marketo is robust and comprehensive, so that you can stay focused on what’s most important to you:  Successful campaigns and maximum conversion rates.

Knowledge Is Power

What if you could contact a prospect moments after they redeemed your gift?  We know that contact at this time will increase their response to you.  With Yiftee you will know exactly when each gift is delivered, viewed and redeemed.  Each step of the way you can update lead scoring or take action.

Create Flexible Rewards

1) Simply create a Yiftee ‘Reward’ and then copy it into your Marketo campaign.  Every “Reward” can be customized to align with the goals of any campaign.  You have the flexibility to define:

    Gift Value – pick any value from $5 to $250 to fit each campaign
    Gift Item – we have over 45,000 merchants to choose from
    Expiration Period – control your budget and redemption rates with expiration from 1 day to 1 year
    Reminder Frequency – Branded reminders will be sent automatically, and will increase conversion rates
    Exchangeability – increase gift redemption rates by allowing gifts to be exchanged

2) Create a Webhook that ties to your reward.  Add your ‘Reward’ to Marketo by simply copy Paste from Yiftee to Marketo.

3) Add the Webhook to your Marketo Campaign.

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