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An integrated B2B marketing framework that ensures your investment in marketing technology pays off with support from Marketo certified staff.
Main Features
  • Demand Generation
  • Content Strategy & Development
  • Marketing & Sales Alignment
  • Lead Management

Yesler provides a range of B2B marketing services that go beyond just using the tools. Our approach features support for people, processes, and training at every stage of the sales and marketing cycle—while driving demand, accelerating pipeline, and forging lasting and profitable relationships with your prospects and customers. We’ll roll up our sleeves to make sure you get the most out of Marketo.

Content Strategy & Development
Knowing your buyers is mandatory for effective content marketing. We help you develop and implement a content strategy that includes buyer personas, a messaging framework, and a promotions strategy based on the preferences and informational needs of your target audience. We can help ensure that your thought leadership is delivered to the right prospect at the right time, and that every communication—from nurture email to landing page to download—is effective and on point.

Responsive Design
We live in a world where people are constantly connected. We can help ensure that your landing pages, emails, and relevant content make sense to your target buyers, whether they read them at work, on the go, or anywhere in between.

Lead Management
We’ll make sure your content get noticed and shared with compelling offers that drive registration. But filling the top of the funnel is only the beginning. We work with your team to help define, manage and improve your lead nurturing strategy with recommendations for workflow, segmentation, frequency, scoring, and reporting. We train and coach market development representatives who engage leads with a personal concierge touch.

Marketing & Sales Alignment 
We help drive consensus between marketing and sales so everyone is working toward the same goals with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and touch points. Buyers know that your company is really listening, and your sales team is set up for success.

System Optimization, Reporting & Analysis
We help you fine-tune your configuration of Marketo so that it maps to your revenue model, connecting the dots from lead capture through to purchase. This provides the basis for revenue forecasting as well as actionable campaign attribution and analysis. You’ll know what’s working, what’s not, and what to do to improve results. Best of all, you’ll be able to deliver with confidence on the KPIs your leadership demands.