Xverify  |  Applications
Verify your phone, email and address information in real time and in batch to increase the ROI of your campaigns.
Main Features
  • Globally Verify Information
  • Real time and batch tools
  • TRUSTe Certified
  • Easy Integration

Xverify does real time email, phone and address information which helps you improve the quality of your data, your deliverability, and campaign ROI. We also have a batch upload tool which easily allows you to validate information from your current database. You can integrate our real time tool via our Javascript code or you can implement our easy to integrate API.


We can help you identify email addresses that do not exist and would bounce when you went to email them, thus saving you from hurting your IP reputation and your sender score. We verify all emails addresses from the major ISP's to business addresses. You can count on us to improve your data quality in your web-forms or in your database.


We are a TRUSTe certified company and we take pride in our approach to keeping all of your data safe and secure.


Give us a call today and see how real time verification can help your company!