Account-Based Marketing by xiQ

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xiQ, Inc. provides real-time personalized business intelligence to help accelerate sales, and improve Account-Based Marketing effectiveness.
Main Features
  • 360 Deg. Account Intelligence
  • Filter 30K Media Sources
  • Curate & Tag Relevant Info
  • Research & Engage Executives

Preparation and Opportunity = Success

xiQ is the market intelligence platform that helps B2B salespeople achieve the best outcomes from every prospect or customer interaction. xiQ delivers the timeliest, most-relevant insights in a gorgeous magazine-style format that’s easy to read, always current and accessible even in your cab ride to the next meeting.

Stay Current on Company & Industry News and Social Buzz - 24/7

All of the business, financial, and industry data for publicly listed companies, plus breaking news and social buzz by and about the company and its executives. Access one of the largest databases of Executive Profiles and Twitter posts organized by company and industry.

Have Industry Insights and Competitive Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Competitive insights, market intelligence and industry knowledge from industry-specific channels and from thousands of companies. Distributed and published through multiple channels - emails, mobile App, or through integration with marketing automation tools like Marketo as well as CRM tools like

Get Financial Overviews 

Track the latest financial data on the company, monitor key performance indicators and stock charts. Deep dive into the strategic vision of the company by reading the annual reports and 10k filings.

xiQ is a productivity multiplier by equipping salespeople with quality insights, and giving them more time where they need it: in front of the customer.

Research Executive Profiles and Engage with Knowledge 

 Access key executive profiles, news about them and by them, check social media interactions to stay informed about their key care-abouts, initiatives and priorities. Knowledge is the currency of business. Whether you engage directly from the xiQ App with a simple tweet or email them a market report,  your insights will give you the edge for better sales effectiveness.