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Drive partner participation and resolve channel conflict through simple, outbound TCMA that powers co-branded redistribution in only 5 clicks.


Finally capture the 80% of DIFM (do-it-for-me) partners who aren’t engaging in your partner program.

According to Forrester’s principal analyst, between 75-90% of your channel partners aren’t redistributing your campaigns to their pipeline because they don’t have the time, budget, or (wo)man power. They need a through-channel platform that does the work for them, all in one place. xAmplify is the answer; a SaaS solution that delivers co-branded campaigns downstream in a matter of clicks, spoonfeeding your partners and activating unprecedented visibility among target buyers. Our intuitive, easy-to-implement software almost instantly ignites that mass majority of revenue you’ve been missing out on.

What makes xAmplify so simple and appealing to you and your partners? 

  1. Individual instance. Every partner gets their own instance of the platform featuring their own logo imprint, so partners can get comfortable adopting the solution as their own. They can upload lists securely and enjoy unlimited segmentation, opt in to your auto sequencing workflow or turn it off and only send the first email in the series, get insight into opens, views, clicks, and watch times on their dashboard, and register leads--which are automatically sent right back into Marketo. 
  2. Five-click redistribution. xAmplify is incredibly easy for partners to adopt and use, and they’ll be able to redistribute campaigns in five simple clicks. Each partner will receive an email alert when the vendor sends a new campaign for redistribution. With our built-in partner logo merge, co-branding is instantaneous—no cumbersome downloading and re-design necessary. In fact, template design and copy are locked, preventing partners from changing vendor messaging so brand identity remains 100% intact. Partners receive the new campaign, click the lists they want to send to, decide on data sharing settings as well as auto sequencing settings, and redistribute. It’s that simple! 
  3. Compulsory email, Two-Tier Metrics. Using the xAmplify email function to redistribute is compulsory for partners. There is no option for partners to download digital assets and leverage them using a different software. This means our Two-Tier Metrics and deal registration are always intact, never null and void, making attribution transparent. Conflict resolution among direct and indirect sales teams within an organization or among multiple channel partners is no longer an issue. 
  4. 4-in1 platform. The platform combines four different key tools into one software solution for comprehensive channel domination. The four parts include: 

    A) Our digital content hub lets vendors upload campaign assets—from data sheets to videos—and store and organize them on the platform.
    B) Vendors build, launch and distribute beautiful emails with our intuitive template builder. Plus, the Marketo integration seamlessly imports existing email templates from Marketo to ensure nothing is lost, so vendors get the best of both template-building worlds.
    C) Our Two-Tier Metrics show vendors their partner participation data and downstream end-user analytics. Opens, clicks, video views, and watch times are all available on the xAmplify dashboard. This makes for higher-impact campaigns, better forecasting, and more meaningful QBRs as vendors close in on their downstream customers. Meanwhile, priority partners quickly become evident, putting SPIFs and MDF to better use.
    D) Deal registration enables all lead information registered by partners on xAmplify to be sent right back into Marketo automatically through the integration.


Two-Tier Metrics

Partner participation data and downstream end-user analytics show you high-performing partners and top compaigns.

Lead and Deal Registration

Resolve channel conflict with a trackable digital footprint, and send new customer information straight into your Marketo database.

Automatic Co-Branding

Enable Through-Partner logo-merge in email and video campaigns with just a click of your mouse. Leave this feature turned off for To-Partner emails.

3 Campaign Modules/Templates

Beautiful and intuitive templates for sending To-/Through-partners: 1) Emails and newsletters 2) Video content up to 800MB ea. 3) Social media posts.

Built-In Onboarding

Tutorial videos introducing every feature and use of the platform are built into the dashboard for quick onboarding and re-education any time.

Artificial Intelligence

The more emails you send, the more the platform learns when people are most likely to respond, and will begin to suggest optimal launch times.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Through the xAmplify integration with Marketo, you can ignite your channel strategy and grow your revenue with virtually no tech overhaul. There’s no big installation required with xAmplify, so following our integration guide makes the minor customization and configuration in Marketo quick and easy. 

With our integration, you’ll be able to: 

  • Import contacts from Marketo into xAmplify. 
  • Import email templates from Marketo into xAmplify. 
  • Allow xAmplify to push partner-generated lead and opportunity information into Marketo as follows: 
    • If a lead with an email ID already exists in Marketo, xAmplify creates and associates custom object records for this lead and adds opportunity information. 
    • If there is no existing lead and email ID combination in Marketo, xAmplify creates a new lead. xAmplify then creates and associates custom object records to it and adds opportunity information. 

For step by step configuration and implementation, see our Marketo Integration Guide here.

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xAmplify is changing the game on enabling channel organizations and their partners to drive amplified demand and have greater visibility into attribution.
Keenan Rice — VP Strategic Alliance, Looker