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Strategize, manage, and measure integrated campaigns with key partners in a single, secure environment that encourages discovery and collaboration.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Global marketing calendar view
  • Budget to campaign tracking
  • Detailed campaign reporting
  • Manage activities and tasks

WorkSpan is a marketing network where people can work with their teams, go-to-market partners, and agencies in one place to align quickly to seize market opportunities, rapidly execute integrated campaigns, and drive accountability down to individual tactics.

WorkSpan integrates results driven by Marketo and other marketing applications into a single campaign view that allows you and your partners to measure the success of your joint marketing efforts against allocated budget.


The Network feed is where you can find the latest ideas and news about what’s important in your partners’ marketing campaign landscape.


A unified and collaborative campaign management solution where you and your go-to-market partners can work to align on your program’s overall strategy, goals, metrics; then manage activities, assign and track work.


The Funds Calendar allows you to see a birds-eye view of all your marketing campaigns by region, partner, product, and more. With the Funds App you’re able to track all of your campaigns by budget allocation; giving you immediate ROI insight.  

My Work

My Work, gives you a snapshot of what’s important to you across various campaigns in one view. See all of your tasks as they relate to your most critical and time sensitive campaigns. Weekly status emails will be a thing of the past.


Working with partners becomes easier when you can give and get access to posts, people, campaigns, and funds. That's why WorkSpan offers partners enhanced access on the network. 

Contact us to learn how WorkSpan can help you generate higher ROI on your partner marketing initiatives. 

Marketo Integration

WorkSpan's Marketo integration allows both you and your partners the ability to send and view your combined Marketo results within the context of a single WorkSpan marketing activity. Allowing your teams to measure your individual and joint marketing contributions to your partner marketing campaigns.

For detailed instructions on how to connect your Marketo instance to WorkSpan, please refer to the WorkSpan to Marketo Integration Guide.

After viewing the document if you're still unable to complete the integration process, the WorkSpan Concierge is always ready to lend a hand with any questions around general usage or integrations. You can visit our support site, support.workspan.com, or directly email support@workspan.com.