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360° Virtual Tours hosted on Google Maps

WorkPics360  |  Applications
Fully menu driven virtual tours with hotspots and custom content. Hosted on Google Maps Street View and available as Google search content.
Main Features
  • Custom hotspots and links
  • Google Analytics enabled
  • Connect multiple virtual tours
  • Amazing social media content
What do you get when Google Street View shows up inside your business? 
That's where it starts, but then...

Imagine being able to allow people to walk through your shop and see what you offer. Imagine they can click on a product on the shelf and get more information without having to leave the shop's virtual tour. Imagine if they could link that product view from inside the virtual tour and drop it into your online shopping cart.

Imagine being able to provide a virtual experience through your restaurant and give potential patrons the ability to see the view from any seat in the house.  Imagine if they could then get a virtual menu and the ability to request a reservation without ever leaving the tour.
Imagine giving people the opportunity to not only see the virtual tour but also videos, links to your website, links to your 'live front desk' all inside the same immersive virtual tour experience?    
WorkPics360 can do just that and much more by leveraging the stability of one of the internet's most trusted platforms, Google Street View and custom virtual tours on your website.
This also gives you the advantage of increased engagement in search via local business search on Google, Google Maps and Google Earth.
By adding custom content inside your website (building a whole new site if you prefer) WorkPics360 can add custom content on your Google hosted virtual tour that adds Google Analytics, videos, hotlinks or any other online content available.
Simply ask yourself, "What do you want people to see?"