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Strategy, Creative & Implementation

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An agency with bags of expertise in marketing automation, we can get you up to speed in the smartest way possible.
Main Features
  • Consulting & Implementation
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Campaign creation & management
  • Fully functioning kettle!

We stand for creativity, relationships and hard work. Workhouse is a group of dedicated, imaginative people with fire in our bellies. Using clever thinking and marketing strategy, we create brand communications with a difference.

We deliver high quality lead nurturing and generation through planned strategic campaigns, with automated activity based on your audience’s behaviour; perfect for keeping in regular contact with your them in a relevant and informed manner, whether B2B or B2C.

Struggling to deliver results or justify ROI?

With dedicated account management teams we can support you through your custom Marketo implementation along with ongoing project management, KPI setting and reporting. Marketo can be employed in a variety of marketing functions, not only is it capable of delivering results in the more traditional digital interactions, but also events, trade shows, webinars and even membership applications (yes, we did just say ‘traditional digital’ - quite the paradox!).

By producing qualified leads based on their interaction with your communications, our Marketing Automation solutions allow an organic, moveable approach to your marketing tactics, alongside easily expressed, transparent results from the very first communication.

There’s more than one-way to get up and running with marketing automation. Our expert team can help to remove the headache and ensure you’re using it to its maximum potential. Our services include:

  • Deployment - 
Let us help you set up and show you the ropes

  • Consulting - 
We’ll help to align your business with your new platform

  • Training and Monitoring - 
Learn how to make the most of your marketing automation platform

  • The Full Shebang
 - Outsource your marketing automation function to us and let us take the load

Call us now on 01254 878956 or email digital@workhousemarketing.com to discuss your digital future.