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Embedded & Integrated Webinars

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WorkCast is a webinar & online events platform built for marketers. Your events are fully branded, look like your website & work in any browser.
Main Features
  • Hosted,Live, Simulive,ondemand
  • Slide animations and video
  • No restrictive plugins
  • Self service or managed

WorkCast is the best webinar, webcast and online events platform available for marketers and is built to integrate tightly with Marketo. We make creating online events as easy as creating landing pages.

This means your webinars, webinar reminders and landing pages can look just like your website and integrated with Marketo your entire webinar process can feed the relevant data into your lists, workflows, lead nurturing and help with your marketing automation processes. 

  • More features as standard than any other platform on the market. Expect predictable costs with no hidden fees for additional functionality, attendee numbers or phone bridge minutes
  • We care about branding & offer fully customizable events. Unbranded or confusingly branded webinars lose trust and see a significant drop of in attendees. 
  • WorkCast's content guarantee ensures that what you put into your presentation is what the attendee sees
, including rich media features such as animation and video.
  • WorkCast monitored event packages provide premium support and expert guidance for presenters and attendees
  • WorkCast doesn’t need to use screenshare, so you will have none of those privacy and stability problems so common in webinars.
  • WorkCast requires no plugins for attendees or presenters. This guarantees access for all, as most corporate users are blocked from installing plugins and therefore accessing your event. 

  • WorkCast is not just about the live, it is about the lifetime. Live webinars recorded as standard. Your on On-Demand or Simulive events 
are just one click away and they are fully hosted by WorkCast.