Lead Cleansing and Enrichment Workflow

By Workato

Get full control over your lead quality by automating the cleansing, sorting & enrichment workflow. Rank your best leads without errors or duplicates.


Have Dirty or Incomplete data?

Workato’s lead cleansing and enrichment workflow helps you stay on top of your leads by streamlining the process of data cleansing, enhancement and updating the lead in Marketo. It helps you maintain an updated database of leads by eliminating duplicate records, enriching your leads with crucial information - without logging into Marketo.


Act upon your Leads

Quickly identify and rank the best leads to follow up on without fear of error or duplicates. Update your database with company-specific insights that can’t be obtained through lead enrichment tools. Get valuable lead information so your sales team can make smart conversations and shorten the sales cycle.


How It Works

Using Workato’s People Task, our workflow automation system, you’ll receive a data cleansing request whenever there is a new lead in Marketo. Data will be present to you in Workato’s People Task console, where you’ll get full access to the lead information at a glance.

If you want to assign the lead cleansing task to more people, contact us and we’ll be able to craft a custom scenario for you.


1. Enrich

With the lead information provided at a glance, you can do your own research and fill in the missing data, such as LinkedIn profile URL, job title, industry, city, company size, etc.. This human review process ensures you’ll get full control over what information gets updated into the lead record, especially when researching for insights specific to your business.


Once the research is done with the lead enhancement process, you can mark the approval status in People Task as ‘approved’, and Workato’s workflow will automate the updating of the lead record in Marketo.

3. Cleanse

First, determine if the incoming lead is a real lead or a spam and decide if you want to filter the lead.

The above process highlights things people in sales might individually have to research before their outreach. But with this automated information cleansing and enrichment process, the lead is always updated with valuable information that enables the sales rep to make smart conversations and shortens the sales cycle.

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