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Shopify to Marketo integration

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Automatically sync Shopify orders with Marketo opportunities. Understand the impact of your marketing campaigns by connecting in Shopify order info.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Bring orders into Marketo
  • Auto-create opportunities
  • Full view of campaign impact
  • Power RCA with more insights

Broken revenue cycle?

Do you use Shopify to track your customers’ purchase orders, and Marketo for your email marketing campaigns for cross-sell and upsell? Do you find it difficult to reconcile the effectiveness of each marketing campaign with revenues?

Use Workato’s solution to sync Shopify orders with Marketo leads and opportunities. You’ll be able to get visibility into your customer's lifetime spend and also evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

By automatically syncing Shopify information into Marketo, you’ll reduce time-consuming data-transfer errors and ensure your customers receive correct emails. You’ll also enjoy instant insights into your customer’s data and drive smarter campaigns in Marketo, making upsell and cross-sell campaigns more effective.

In addition, if you have the Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA) module enabled, you’ll be able to run reports and identify the channels and campaigns that deliver the highest marketing ROI so you can put resources where they will have the most impact.

Marketo Integration

How it works

This integration flow, or what we call a recipe, does its trick in two parts. (A recipe is a set of tasks that automates data transfer between and within apps.)


  1. Syncing Shopify order information to leads in Marketo

When there is an order in Shopify, the integration flow, or recipe will create a lead which is tied to the customer making the purchase, if it is not already present.


  1. Tying in opportunities with lead records via the opportunity role

After the lead is created, the recipe creates an opportunity, using the respective purchase order information. The opportunity role is also created to tie in that opportunity to the existing lead.


The above integration gives you visibility into how much each customer has spent with you, and you’ll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. The Revenue Cycle Analytics (RCA) will allow you to run reports and seamlessly tie ROI with marketing campaigns.


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How to get started

Click on the button above to get started with Workato. You’ll get the above integrations/recipes installed into your account once you sign up. The recipes are highly flexible and you can modify it to suit your business scenarios.


Start a 30-day free trial with Workato today! As a Marketo customer, you'll get phone and email support from us within 24 hours with our Professional plan.

Please contact us with your specific business scenario and our professional services team will be able to build a customized integration scenario for you.