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Wootric Net Promoter Score Platform

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Send surveys directly from Marketo. See responses in your database records and Wootric dashboard. Reach out to detractors or activate brand promoters.
Main Features
  • NPS surveys from Marketo
  • Add NPS data to records
  • Activate brand promoters

Wootric | Net Promoter Score platform for Marketo

Send NPS surveys from within Marketo to collect crucial feedback from prospects and customers. Enhance customer intelligence by bringing survey responses to Marketo records.

  • Personalize nurturing when records are enriched with NPS and feedback comments. 
  • Improve retention by identifying at risk customers
  • Increase referrals when you identify and activate brand advocates.

How it works:

1. Sign up for Wootric.

2. Request or download the Marketo NPS survey template

3. Upload template to Marketo 

4. Launch your Net Promoter Score email campaign.

5. Responses appear in Wootric dashboard and Marketo records.

  • Analyze your aggregate Net Promoter Score and qualitative feedback in Wootric.
  • Close the loop with individual customers in Wootric or Marketo.  

About Wootric, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) platform for boosting customer happiness.

SURVEY YOUR CUSTOMERS WHERE THEY ARE -- Send the NPS survey via email to customers from within Marketo, or install Wootric in your web or mobile app.  

  • Customizable NPS surveys
  • Off-the-charts response rates
  • Real-time measure of customer sentiment

ALIGN TEAMS AROUND CUSTOMER HAPPINESS -- Use the Wootric dashboard to analyze NPS by segment and manage qualitative feedback in aggregate.  Ensure that important info about your customer is available in real-time.

  • Never miss a trend
  • Improve retention and increase referrals
  • Run A/B Happiness Tests, and prioritize feature roadmap
  • Follow up with customers


  • Use our email template to trigger NPS surveys within Marketo, or install our Javascript snippet to your web app for in-app surveys, use our SDK for mobile apps. 
  • Segment, Google Tag Manager, and mParticle also supported.