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Wistia for Marketo

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Capture video viewers’ info & send the leads straight to Marketo. Create Smart Lists based on video events & use Wistia thumbnails in emails.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Collect emails with Turnstile
  • Interaction-based tools
  • Email video thumbnails
  • Social sharing

Wistia is a video marketing platform that includes in-depth analytics, so you can learn more about your customers and make your videos even better. It’s easy enough for a one-person startup, and powerful enough for an enterprise business.

Upload your video to Wistia and customize how it looks, feels, and functions. Send it to your customers without any disruptive ads or related videos. Collect data about who’s watching and how, and use the data to inform your marketing decisions.

Connect with your customers

Customize your video player to match your brand, and add social buttons so your viewers can share your video with their friends. Then, add a call to action to your video—a clickable message, image, or HTML script that tells your customer what you want them to do next.

When people view your video, you can collect their names and emails with the Turnstile email collector. It’s easy to embed and share Wistia videos across multiple websites, and we optimize on-the-fly to deliver the best quality video with the least possible buffering.

Data to help you make decisions

Wistia allows you to see how people are watching your video, second-by-second. Each view has a heat map that shows which parts were watched, re-watched, or skipped altogether. So you can get the big picture, Engagement graphs combine the data from all of your heat maps and give you a broader idea of how people responded to your video.

Reach your viewers with relevant messages

Emails you capture through Wistia’s Turnstile email collector will go directly to your Marketo lead database. You can also see which videos your leads are watching directly in the Marketo activity log. When you create smart lists based on video events, you can automatically send emails to people who only made it through half of your videoand to your biggest fans, the people you now know are watching everything you create.


Marketo Integration

Wistia and Marketo go together like peanut butter and jelly! Like Sherlock and Watson! You, too, can combine Marketo’s marketing automation with the persuasive power of Wistia’s video marketing and analytics.

Customized videos without annoying ads

You can customize the look and feel of Wistia’s video player with just a few clicks, and make it as free of distractions as you prefer. Your content, your way.

Add video thumbnail links to your emails

Video thumbnails are a great way to attract clicks. Who doesn’t love a video?

Collect leads when people watch your videos

Viewer information you gather with Turnstile goes straight to Marketo, ready for engagement.

Automatically send emails to viewers

You can set up Marketo to automatically send an email to leads who watch at least 50% of a product video. Or trigger an alert for a salesperson to contact leads who watch 100% of a video.

Plus, Wistia’s heatmaps help you figure out what’s most compelling to your viewers.

Want to get in on the action? Here's our guide to getting the Wistia-Marketo integration working for you.

Step by step

First things first:

Note: To get set up, you’ll need your Marketo SOAP endpoint, User ID, and encryption key. You’ll find these inside Marketo. Just click Admin > Web Services.


  1. In Wistia, click Account > Settings > Email Integrations.

  2. Select Marketo and then Go to configuration step.

  3. Enter your Marketo SOAP endpoint, User ID, and encryption key. Then Connect Marketo.


Hey, that was easy! Now:


  1. Upload your video to Wistia.

  2. In the Customize Panel, add a Turnstile to capture your leads. We’ll send them straight to Marketo.

  3. Let your video fly. You can embed it on your site, share it socially, or even add video thumbnail links to your emails.


Over at Marketo, there’s a bunch of cool stuff you can do.


  1. See which videos your leads are watching directly in the activity log.

  2. Automatically send emails to your customers based on their viewing data.


One last thing:


  1. Celebrate, Maester Marketer! You’ve forged this link.