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Marketo Certified Partner for Italy

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Marketo official partner for Italy. We offer integration services, support and digital marketing consultancy.
Main Features
  • Marketo kick start
  • CRM integration
  • Training and support
  • Digital marketing consultancy

We shorten the learning curve
We offer a complete suite of services for a quick and smooth adoption of Marketo, for immediate operation and measurable results of lead conversion rates since the very first campaigns.

We support you in the initial set-up and configuration of Marketo, in training your marketing team, and integrating with your corporate web site and your existing CRM database. If required we can integrate with third party services and will support you remotely and over the phone with a first line dedicated support team.

We also provide digital marketing consultancy and agency services with our personnel or our qualified partners to further foster your results.

We offer remote or on-site training sessions and coaching to let you master Marketo in less than a month.

  • Basic training
  • Lead nurturing
  • Advanced features
  • Revenue modeling

Marketo platform can be synced with your existing CRM, integrated with your web site, or enhanced with third party application and services such as SMS messaging, Business Intelligence or Analytics.

  • CRM integration
  • Data import/deduplication
  • Web site integration
  • Third party services

We offer first line support with a dedicated team and outsourced administration

  • Remote and phone support
  • Outsourced administration

Consultancy services
We provide consultancy services to design your campaigns for optimal performance and can assist you with our qualified partners to improve your web reputation and to let you deliver professional content to your customers.

  • Digital marketing workshops
  • Positioning analysis
  • Web site and corporate image