Webbula CloudHygiene

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Real-time, in-house email hygiene and verification intelligence for a high-quality email list, improving campaign deliverability and conversion.
Main Features
  • Clean Email List
  • Identify Deliverable Threats
  • 189+ MM Honeypots Monitored
  • Simple Email Health Report

Marketers spend years building their brand and email sender reputation, but it can be lost in a split second by sending your campaign to an active, deliverable threat. While email verification verifies email deliverability, it does not protect your campaign from the blacklist. Because spam traps and bots open, click, and deliver, email verification is not a comprehensive solution to protecting your brand reputation and campaign. 

Webbula is the only vendor to provide a bundled approach to real-time email hygiene and verification through the CloudHygiene Platform utilizing 100% in-house technology. CloudHygiene identifies harmful active and inactive emails like moles, trackers, disposable domains, and hard bounces plus over 189 MM traps via an exclusive relationship with the world’s largest Honey Pot purveyor. It's simple and comprehensive email intelligence that protects your marketing campaigns, sender reputation, brand reputation, web forms, mailing resources, and data acquisition.

Focus on high-quality email addresses by integrating our API into your Marketo workflow, or integrate the automatic FTP process into your workflow. Webbula offers additional data intelligence through Data Enhancement, allowing you to enhance and segment customer lists by appending additional contact points or demographic, interest, lifestyle, and B2B attributes. Contact Webbula to start your integration and learn more about sophisticated data quality.