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WealthEngine’s wealth and consumer data platform enriches leads within Marketo to enable personalization and improved conversion.


WealthEngine has unique wealth intelligence, consumer data, and analytics that help you understand your customers and find new ones like your best.

WealthEngine’s powerful wealth intelligence data combined with Marketo’s best-of-breed marketing solutions, enables customers to gain new insights, more precisely target prospects, and engage audiences in ways that improve conversion.

More than 3,000 companies trust WealthEngine because of its solutions that are powered by one of the largest consumer databases in the industry. With over 300 million individuals, each with 1,500 unique consumer attributes, WealthEngine leverages half a trillion data points to provide powerful marketing intelligence in real-time.

WealthEngine delivers Marketo customers the following capabilities and benefits: 

  • Wealth & Consumer Data Appends: Append data in real time with Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Interest attributes to drive persona-based nurture tracks
  • Rich Audience Insights: Provide new wealth insights to better segment lists, score leads, and prioritize actions
  • Look-Alike Modeling: Create look-alike models and find new leads based on characteristics in common with the best customers in their database
  • Precision Prospecting: Generate the ideal prospect list and seamlessly pull it into Marketo

Named a Cool Vendor in Data-Driven Marketing by Gartner, marketers use WealthEngine's comprehensive insights to understand what drives consumer decisions and when best to engage them.


WealthEngine’s consumer data platform seamlessly integrates with Marketo to help you gain new insights, more precisely target prospects, and engage audiences in ways that improve conversion. After completing the integration with WealthEngine, customers will be able to utilize consumer wealth and attribute data and insights to enhance marketing automation activities conducted within Marketo. 

The integration can be completed with just a few steps. For more details about how to integrate WealthEngine into your Marketo instance, please refer to the Integration Guide on this page.

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