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By Crossgraph

Bolzter is a social marketing platform that creates a social graph for each lead by tracking a leads connections and behaviors.


Bolzter captures the business value of those you reach in your social marketing campaigns measuring the impact of your efforts on friends of leads, not just leads themselves, as these friends are also highly valuable customers.

Some studies concluded that these friends represent an audience 34x larger than the number of direct leads alone.

Deep-Reach Analytics
Integrated Business Intelligence tools mine the personal preferences, connections and proven behaviors that let you precisely target programs and offers.

Find the strong ties and key influencers who really drive social buzz — and marketing success!

See prospects as they actually interact and network across the social graph, and identify their ‘clusters’ and peer groups.

Profile prospects based on actual past behaviors, likes and preferences, influences and influencers, and more – so you can address them with messages or promotions that are fine-tuned to their real wants and needs.

All Analytics functions are completely integrated into our easy-to-use Dashboard, with infographic visualizations that make comprehension and action simple.

Real-Time Automated Re-Targeting

The Lead Generation Machine works in real time, keeping track of prospects and engaged users’ preferences or choices, allowing you to respond – automatically – to what they’re doing.

Guide respondents to an offer into further engagement or evangelism with automated follow-ups.

Set thresholds and parameters for individual campaign automation.

Track and react to behaviors in real time, with offers or promotions that bypass ‘intrusive’ for ‘relevant’ to their real interests and needs.

Target Visualization Tools

Our visualization tools, such as our ‘fishbowl’ map display, make it easy to view how your prospects network, who they’re networked with, where their “strong ties” to followers exist, and how their social channel dynamics work.

Our clickable interface allows you to focus on any individual and call up their profile, social ties and other leveragable data.



Bolzter integrates Marketo platform in order to sync leads with social influence score, list of friends and more metrics to optimize your Facebook campaigns. You just need to update your marketo's credentials in Bolzter platform as well as create the fields in Marketo following our guide.

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