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VMob Mobile Marketing Platform

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Mobile marketing for retailers. In-store beacons, mobile vouchers and loyalty increase traffic, improve in-store experience and build loyalty.
Main Features
  • Targeted Mobile Vouchers
  • Mobile Loyalty Card
  • Beacons for In-store messaging
  • Out of the box app or API

The VMob Mobile Marketing suite is built specifically for retailers. Our platform makes it easy to build a highly effective smartphone app for any retail chain. In-store beacon functionality (iBeacon, WiFi and NFC), mobile vouchers and mobile loyalty increase store traffic, improve in-store experience and build loyalty.

Retailers can implement VMob either by using our pre-built out of the box app, or by integrating a custom built app with our SDK and API access meaning that a retailer can kick start a mobile marketing program with no upfront cost and in a very short time frame.


Mobile vouchers

More than just a replacement for printed discount vouchers, the VMob platform intelligently selects the right people to send each voucher to, then tracks all vouchers right through to the point of sale. Our targeting produces 700% higher redemption rates over non-targeted mobile vouchers...


Mobile loyalty

Increase lifetime value of customers and keep them coming back to store by rewarding customers for purchases, in-store check-ins and social media activity - without clogging up your customer's wallet with another printed card.


In store experience

With VMob's integrated in-store beacon technology, your app can serve relevant offers to shoppers at exactly right point within your store. It can also be set up to change app content and even the appearance of the app depending on which store they're in, or even which department within a store.


Live Data

The platform is able to be highly targeted about what offers or app content it serves to a shopper at what time because it is constantly collecting detailed information from their phone: What they're looking at in the app, social profile data, current location, local weather are all collected and logged to build a picture of exactly what your customers are doing and when. Live data is also combine with historic behavior and profile data held in CRM or automation platforms such as Marketo to provide a complete picture of each shopper.


Easy to use admin

While we’ve been internationally awarded for our work with complex, big data analysis, we want to make the process of producing effective, targeted mobile marketing programs as easy as possible for retailers. This is why the entire VMob platform is controlled from an easy to use web-based admin panel that lets you, your staff and agency partners control every aspect of your mobile marketing program.