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Bring the power of video into Marketo.


Unlock the power of video with Vidyard + Marketo.

Vidyard hosts your videos, analyzes their effectiveness, and gives you the power to transform them into your new favorite marketing tools.  

Easily add videos to your Marketo channels (and beyond!), and access valuable view data to help drive powerful interactions with your audiences. 

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Video Hosting

Upload, download, store unlimited assets, and share videos anywhere.

Easy Embed Codes

Incorporate video everywhere. Easily embed videos into Marketo landing pages and emails to educate leads and keep them moving through the funnel.

Video CTAs

Turn video viewers into qualified leads by adding a Marketo form, or other CTAs, directly into your videos.

SEO Optimization

Automatically optimize your videos for maximum discoverability, and rank like a pro.

Advanced Analytics

Understand how your videos are performing with detailed engagement insights, from individual viewers data to overall performance metrics.

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The Marketo Integration from Vidyard provides valuable and actionable insights inside Marketo to help qualify leads and drive next steps.  

Track video consumption of your Marketo prospects, and understand which videos they are watching and how much they are watching. Vidyard tracks individual viewing activity and pushes video engagement data directly to your prospect's Activity Log. 

 Video data from Vidyard can be used to target prospects who engage with your videos with meaningful content, triggered automatically using Marketo Smart Campaigns. 

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Vidyard has completely transformed our marketing team’s relationship with video and how it impacts our business. YouTube is a consumer channel that does not drive B2B results like pipeline and closed
Paulo Martins, Head Of Global Digital Marketing @ Marketo