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Vidyard for Marketo

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Boost conversion of Marketo landing pages, email campaigns and nurture programs by easily embedding video using the drag and drop Marketo editor.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Identify video viewers
  • Track video performance
  • Enhance lead scoring
  • Measure video impact

Transform Videos from Building Awareness to Building Lead Flow

The Vidyard video platform for business provides the tools you need to leverage video for demand generation.

  • See exactly who’s watching your videos, and track individual viewership behavior to better understand your prospects’ purchase intent.
  • Track second-by-second engagement per lead, and push that data directly into Marketo.

With Vidyard and Marketo you'll be identifying your hottest prospects, scoring your leads, and automating targeted email followup in no time.




Qualify Higher Quality Leads, Faster

With Vidyard you can easily publish your video assets to your corporate website and Marketo landing pages. You can also optimize your content with call-to-actions and capture leads with integrated forms. 

With seamless integrations with Marketo, Salesforce, and other marketing solutions, you can track your viewers, convert them through the buying cycle, and prove the ROI on your video assets.


Create, Manage, and Measure your Video Marketing Campaigns

  • Easily add video to landing pages: Embedding video on a landing page has never been easier (and it can increase conversion by up to 80%). Bonus – all viewership data is pushed into your existing contact records

  • Trigger automated email nurturing: Use Marketo to compile lists of contacts who watch specific videos (or a combination of videos), then trigger automated followup emails based on personalized interests.

  • Identify your most engaged prospects: Set up triggers to alert Sales when a viewer has watched a certain percentage of your video content.

  • Track metrics that matter: Discover exactly who is watching your video content and measure how each of your videos perform with powerful analytics

Marketo Integration

Vidyard’s Marketo integration enables you to unleash the full power of your video campaigns and start driving results with your video content.

Track activity and build campaigns around video content

Vidyard pumps powerful analytics on real time video engagement directly into the activity log of your Marketo leads - including which videos or webinars each lead has watched, and for how long. Use your new data for nurturing, segmentation, scoring or connecting to your CRM.

Enhance email campaigns with the best call to action – a video!

Adding a video to an email? Crush your current metrics as you see email viewers click through on your video content. Best of all, Vidyard tracks how long each respondent views your video so you’ll be able to instantly identify and act on your hottest leads based on who is most engaged.

Capture more unknown leads by email gating your videos

a) Gating web video content

Use Vidyard’s video email gating feature to capture more unknown web leads by gating access to exclusive or high value video content. Gating can be set to “required” or “optional” with all captured leads pushed directly to Marketo. Using Marketo to set a video gate to kick in based on the number of videos watched or minutes consumed is another great way to turn great engaging content into leads.

b) Gating email video content You can also use Vidyard’s video email gating feature to capture unknown leads from your email campaigns. When your email is shared to someone who is not in your Marketo install, you can activate the Vidyard email gate and ask for their email in order to watch the video (mandatory or optional) – you now have a new top of funnel lead!