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Order the production of optimized video ads and video content anywhere, add to your campaigns & track your videos’ performance, right inside Marketo


VidWrx is the only Marketo LaunchPoint app that enables marketers to manage the entire video content lifecycle within the platform, right from video creation and deployment to lead capture and analytics. With VidWrx, you can not only align video across your sales funnel, but you can also create and order specific lead-gated video content that will target & engage the audience based on their stage in the buying journey. 

On demand video ads and custom video content

VidWrx shoots videos anywhere in North America and delivers them in 14 days or less. Our dedicated production team, online platform, and proven processes can transform your creative concepts into high-quality videos, optimized for online viewing. 

Streamlined multi-location video marketing campaigns

Supercharge your local marketing campaigns with multiple variations of any video each with its own opening and closing graphics and targeted calls-to-action. 

Power up your Marketo demand gen campaigns with video

With VidWrx, you can track and manage the entire creative process online, easily upload videos to any Marketo landing page or email and track viewer behavior and video performance through real-time analytics. 


Order & manage video content creation directly from your Marketo dashboard

Our enhanced, in-platform communication features make it easier for you to collaborate with your team, clients and your dedicated VidWrx production team during projects. 

Easily add videos to any Marketo email or landing page

Simply add a snippet of auto-generated code into your Marketo email or landing page generator and improve the performance of your campaigns.  All video stats are pumped back to your Marketo asset subscriber. 

Custom video player and advanced lead-gate features

Use our video player’s color customization feature to align to your brand and add calls-to-action and a lead gate to collect leads and improve viewer engagement. 

Track video viewer activity and engagement

VidWrx pushes real-time video analytics back into the activity log of your Marketo leads, including which lead watched what video and how long they watched for. These stats can then be used for lead nurturing, scoring, and segmentation to build smarter campaigns. 

Easily integrate video with your social campaigns

Want to push video ads to YouTube or Facebook? VidWrx’ deeper, SEO inspired integration with Facebook and YouTube enables you to easily deploy any piece of video content and associated meta data to these platforms quickly and seamlessly.

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