Measurable Video Marketing for Marketo

By Vidcaster

Maximize your video investment by unifying your video strategy and incorporating lead generation with Vidcaster for Marketo.


Vidcaster provides an out-of-the-box solution for implementing and managing video experiences. In one simple interface, you have everything needed for video marketing and training. Use Vidcaster to host, manage, enrich, distribute and measure your video strategy.

Our integration with Marketo turns video into a seamless part of your lead generation and nurturing activities. From embedding video on your website to creating video resource libraries, Vidcaster makes it possible to take your video where you need it to go.

Top Eight Reasons Marketers Use Vidcaster for Marketo

  1. You want video to drive measurable conversion events.
  2. You want to unite video assets in one centralized video gallery.
  3. You want to generate leads with video, including putting recorded webinars to work.
  4. You want to stop sending your leads to YouTube where they also see the competitions’ videos.
  5. You want to nurture leads based on video viewing behavior.
  6. You want to create a video collateral library to support your sales team.
  7. You want to use video training as a marketing and lead generation strategy.
  8. You want to measure the results of your video strategy and demonstrate ROI with actionable data. 

Video certainly requires a lot of resources, but the return on investment is remarkable. With Vidcaster for Marketo in place, video is now a top performing lead source and crucial to our ongoing customer and prospect engagement strategies.

-Tyler Riddell, Marketing Program Manager, Tiburon Inc

Core Features

  • Easily host & organize all videos in one central location.
  • Use embeds to place videos on product & landing pages.
  • Insert mini video galleries on your website with playlist embeds.

Lead Generation Features

  • Turn viewers into identified leads with in-video lead forms. 
  • Track viewing behavior & incorporate it into lead scoring. 
  • Use video in email campaigns & see how leads interact with your content.

Interactive Video Features

  • Add interactive elements to your videos like in-video calls-to-action (CTA).
  • Break up long videos (webinars, interviews, conferences) with in-video chaptering.

Advanced Features

  • Launch fully branded video galleries for marketing & training without IT.
  • Transcribe your videos in one click for compliance, SEO or content marketing.
  • Support a global video strategy by localizing your video gallery. 


Vidcaster for Marketo provides you with a video marketing platform that turns video content into lead generating material and makes video marketing measurable.  With the Marketo integration, you can:

Embed Video & Video Playlists on Your Website

Display video on your marketing site with a sleek video player that matches your branding.

Generate Leads Directly in Your Videos

Embed lead generation forms directly in videos and funnel lead information captured straight into your Marketo database. Use hidden fields to pass through lead source, source details and more.

Centralize Your Video Resources in a Branded Video Gallery

Pull together all video content, including your recorded webinars in one centrally located, fully branded video resource gallery. Lead information collected within these videos is automatically synced with your Marketo database.

Add Interactivity to Videos & Augment Your Marketo Programs

Incorporate in-video calls-to-action and chaptering (great for webinars) into your videos. Use viewer behavior data in your lead scoring & sales alerts program.

Gather Insightful Analytics About Your Video Content

Easily gather analytics about your video marketing content, including which parts of your recorded webinars are watched most, which in-video links are clicked the most and which videos result in the most new leads.

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