Bullhorn CRM + Marketo Integration by Vertify

By Vertify

BullhornCRM + Marketo integration by Vertify is a multi-directional, truth defining integration enabling you to win with Marketo.


Multi-directional integration for Bullhorn CRM + Marketo.

The Vertify Bullhorn CRM integration gives you API developer level control of Bullhorn CRM without being an API developer in a drag and drop, "click not code" interface. 

As the Vertify Bullhorn integration automatically determines the proper field mapping taking into account how the data is stored in Bullhorn CRM and applies a standardized data model, your organization will have the ability to map Bullhorn CRM fields to any field in any other system; be it a Marketing Automation, E-commerce, or ERP that is also connected to Vertify.

Furthermore, with Vertify’s robust data management system your organization can manage where, when, why, and under what conditions the data should move, as well as apply powerful data clean-up, transformation, translation, and merge rules ensuring you have data you can trust across your organizations business application ecosystem.



Drag-n-drop configuration (no coding, complex formulas) decouples data from business processes, simplifying integration setup.


Map native and custom fields as well as custom objects to your liking to meet business requirements.


Customizable merge rules prevent duplication of data during synchronization.

Field Conflict Resolution

Only changed fields sync between systems when updating records.

Cloud Computing

Built on Amazon Web Services – automatically scales up and down to handle various size customers and data volumes.

Data Enrichment

Integrating directly to your Marketo instance to shorten forms, improve conversions, and automatically enrich inbound leads.

Max Limit (6 Features)


We are passionate about integration. We are a Marketo partner that prides itself on understanding the ins and outs of both Marketo and marketing automation.   

In addition, we know BullhornCRM. We understand what sales and marketing teams need to be successful. We live it every single day.   

Vertify has a robust implementation success process and team that enjoys leading our clients through a successful implementation and launch. Our success team prides itself on getting you live quickly and equipping you with the tools necessary to win.   

Schedule time to explore the possibilities and learn more about our truth defining solutions.

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What I like best is there’s little to no maintenance. The UI makes it easier for non-developers to spin up and maintain, and we were able to connect our hybrid infrastructure quickly.
Moneta Rios, Sr. Mgr. of IT Business Apps, Lifesize