Cross Channel Engagement with LINE

By Verticurl a WPP Company

Verticurl has developed a cloud application which allows you to run integrated marketing programs between Marketo Platform and LINE.


Verticurl helps leading multinational enterprise organizations drive demand through thoughtful customer engagement strategies, marketing automation, and operational excellence. Verticurl has been a Gold Certified Marketo Partner since 2006 and has integrated Marketo with many 3rd party applications worldwide.



Our LINE cloud App allows you to run integrated marketing programs seamlessly between Marketo Platform and LINE.

Using our cloud app, marketers can promote their products, solutions, and services through LINE. Marketo users can generate leads & deliver the message to LINE followers via campaign.


-- Capture LINE followers through QR code
-- Automate follower synchronization from LINE App into Marketo
-- Leverage on contact profile and activities to personalize messages to followers
-- Easily view each Lead’s LINE prompt message activities in Marketo
-- Quickly filter target followers and can send messages based on LINE activities

Please go through the attached LINE Marketo Integration Guide to know about the Marketo integration steps.

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Awesome app to utilize LINE platform for effective lead generation.
Michael J