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By Versium Analytics

Easily append and validates vital insights for your current and prospective customers directly within Marketo for better sales and marketing.


Versium is a technology company that delivers automated data technology solutions to marketers.

These solutions deliver rich data insights and predictive analytics (in the form of a Predictive Score), which provide actionable data intelligence faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the cost of alternative predictive marketing solutions.

Versium’s solutions leverage the company’s extensive LifeData® warehouse, which contains more than 1 Trillion consumer and business data attributes sourced from proprietary means.

If you are looking for data and analytics to improve your top-line, Versium’s predictive scores help produce tremendous marketing efficiencies and improved conversion rates for customer acquisition.


Versium’s Insights by Datafinder, is fully integrated into Marketo using Marketo’s Webhook capabilities. You can Append and validate data of your customers within Marketo in real-time. Versium’s Insights by Datafinder is pre-integrated so you can instantly receive data in custom fields. For example, you can append demographic or lifestyle data to a lead as soon it enters it is created in Marketo. You can also append data to your existing contact lists within Marketo all at once in a batch to each lead.

By appending LifeData®, available through Versium to your customer and prospect lists, you can get the data and insights you need to make smarter decisions faster across your entire sales and marketing process.

Get even more value out of your Marketo platform by using Insights by Datafinder service.

1. Segmentation and targeting

Adding life attributes to your prospect lists allows you to better understand who you are selling to, which will greatly improve your ability to do segmentation and targeting.

2. Engagement and response

Adding attributes to prospect lists also provides an opportunity to improve engagement and response. Simple attributes can make a huge difference in your ability to create messaging your audience will respond to.

3. Reduce list costs and improve lifetime value

LifeData® insights allow you to better understand your lead lists and potentially negotiate for improvements in list quality from your list providers upstream. For example, let’s say you go to a list broker and ask for a list of fly fishers to market your services to. The broker will give you a list, but the problem is that they will give that same list to all of your competitors.

4. Improve message ideation

One of the main challenges of digital marketing today is constantly coming up with new ideas for content and messaging.

5. Improve and expand customer touch points

By appending consumer data to your customer and prospect lists, you can expand the number and quality of ways to communicate with your target audience.

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