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Vendavo Sales Negotiator for iPad

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Vendavo Sales Negotiator for iPad empowers front-line Sales to boost margins on every deal by selling more profitably at the "Moment of Truth."
Main Features
  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Quote Now
  • Negotiate Confidently
  • Close Faster

"I'll get back to you" doesn't work any more - it means opportunities lost, competitors facilitated, purchasing agents unimpressed. You need to arm your front line with real deal guidance, actionable information (shouldn't they at least know the purchase history of the person sitting across the table from them?) and approval guidance, so they know how far they can go with confidence. If the "Moment of Truth" is your team's opportunity to grasp for the gold ring, make sure it's not fool's gold. Drive profit into every, single transaction.

Vendavo Sales Negotiator for iPad is a native iOS app designed for ease-of-use, with an intuitive interface that requires no training. It connects with the Vendavo Enterprise Profitability Suite to deliver target prices, up-sell/cross-sell guidance, customer sales history, and streamlined deal approval. Arm your sales team to negotiate confidently and improve margins on every deal with actionable guidance at the “Moment of Truth.”


Deal tools:

  • Deal Score – Visually see how your quote or contract performs against pricing and profitability targets
  • Pricing Metrics – Easily review a deal’s target revenue, total revenue, and pocket revenue or margin
  • Customer Scorecard – Access key customer metrics such as spend overtime, customer rating, and how often the customer buys.
  • Approval Steps – Test the impact of pricing & discount changes and get instant feedback.

Line item tools:

  • Line Item Score & Approval – Know the performance of each line item against target & the required approval levels
  • Line Item Sales History – View the 10 most recent transaction prices by date and quantity
  • Line Item Selling Messages – Leverage upsell, cross sell, value sell suggestions & inventory notes to increase the deal size
  • Waterfall Negotiation Attributes – Dynamically adjust freight & International Commercial (INCO) terms, rebates, fuel costs & surcharge values, and other negotiable items

Quoting tools:

  • Price Analysis Bar – See the current price against the target price level
  • Price Markers – View last price & market price, or configure to match your unique business process
  • Deal Approval – Easily submit, track and approve special price requests – the next available action is always clearly displayed