Velocify LeadManager™

By Velocify

Velocify LeadManager empowers you to quickly deploy world-class selling and lead management strategies across your sales team.


Velocify is a market-leading provider of cloud-based intelligent sales software, designed for high-velocity sales environments. Velocify helps sales teams keep pace with the speed of opportunity to maximize revenue.

Velocify LeadManager™ empowers sales and marketing teams to respond to leads faster than ever. Our intelligent sales automation solution boosts the number of activities your team is able to complete each day, ultimately taking the guesswork out of selling. With LeadManager, you can rest assured that salespeople are focused on the best opportunities while ensuring that no lead is left behind.


LeadManager enables organizations to implement consistent, repeatable, measurable and fully compliant sales processes. Key features include:

  • Lead De-Duplication: Automatically de-dupe inquiries coming from a variety of sources 
  • Configurable Lead Scoring: Simplify the measurement of lead quality with configurable attribute and action-based lead scoring.
  • Flexible Lead Distribution: Take advantage of an unparalleled ensemble of push, pull, and hybrid lead distribution options that drive fast response, max conversion, and optimal team performance.
  • Continuous Activity Prioritization: By eliminating guesswork and driving a consistent process, you can make your team more strategic and more productive.
  • Automated Lead Nurturing: Save time and improve conversion rates by automatically sending prescribed email and text messages at appropriate stages within the sales cycle.
  • Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting: Gain valuable, actionable insights into sales team performance with comprehensive reporting and metrics monitoring.

Velocify has helped more than 1,500 companies across a variety of industries improve customer acquisition practices and sales performance. Velocify was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in North America by Deloitte and a “Best Place to Work” by the Los Angeles Business Journal.


Marketing teams rely upon Marketo to attract, nurture, qualify, and deliver win-ready leads to sales. Once a prospect moves to an MQL, however, marketing is often left in the dark, losing visibility into how a lead is progressing down the sales funnel.

When you combine Marketo with Velocify’s sales acceleration solution every prospect touchpoint captured by Marketo is fed directly into sales. Sales teams can leverage this data to distribute the right leads to the right reps, prioritize leads when they are at their highest likelihood to close, and tailor communications to match each prospect’s journey.

Key Benefits:

  • Touchpoint Tracking: Immediate access to each and every marketing and sales activity enables reps to tailor communications to a prospect’s individual journey
  • Automated Lead Nurture: Keep prospects engaged with automated drip email campaigns based on lead status or action
  • Closed-Looped Reporting: Combine two powerful data sets for full visibility into the entire sales cycle, from campaign to lead source to closed deal

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