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Velocify Dial-IQ™

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Velocify Dial-IQ(TM) brings incredible speed and efficiency to your sales team, dramatically improving speed-to-contact, daily call volume, and productivity.
Main Features
  • Route Phone-Based Leads Better
  • Track Inbound Call Activity
  • Simplify & Scale Outbound Dialing
  • Monitor & Report Call Activity

Velocify, an intelligent sales dialer provides sales teams with phone-based lead routing as well as a host of inbound handling and outbound dialing features to drive improved lead response, sales effectiveness, and sales performance.

Velocify Dial-IQ™ brings a powerful intelligent cloud-based sales dialing solution to lead response and sales teams ensuring maximum efficiency for converting more prospects into new customers. Dial-IQ includes intelligent phone-based lead routing with advanced call distribution capabilities; progressive dialing for automated calling of one lead after another; multi-line dialing for calling of up to four lines at a time; and  robust call handling features that allow you to easily provision and assign numbers to unique campaigns and easily track results.


Velocify Dial-IQ makes intelligent dialing possible in several key ways:

  • Phone-Based Lead Routing: Select from a plethora of lead routing options to dramatically accelerate speed-to-contact and get the right leads to the right people fast.
  • Outbound Cloud Dialing: Take advantage of a host of integrated dialing options, including progressive dialing, click-to-dial, multi-line dialing, among others.
  • Inbound Call Handling: Take control of your inbound call flow with features like number provisioning, campaign tracking, flow handling and missed call data follow up.
  • Call Insights: Know what’s driving call volume and how reps are handling calls and using the phone.



With Dial-IQ, you and your sales team can:

  • Deliver rapid lead response
  • Improve sales team efficiency
  • Accelerate sales performance
  • Easily support and track phone-component of campaigns