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Veelo™ sales performance platform delivers the perfect talking points, content and coaching to sales reps in the moment they need it.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Predictive recommendations
  • Machine learning algorithm
  • Memory boosting/reifnforcement
  • Usage tracking and analytics

Veelo™ sales performance platform helps companies win more deals by making each sales touch point a success.  Veelo delivers timely content and simple coaching tailored to each rep, sales stage and prospect.  Veelo combines brain science and machine learning algorithms to deliver the perfect talking points, content and coaching to increase deal velocity and win rates.

Key Platform Features

Intelligent recommendations - Veelo eliminates time wasted on finding the right messaging and what to share.  Veelo's proprietary machine learning algorithm continuously updates content recommendations using real-time sales performance, so your reps get contextually relevant marketing content at the perfect time in the sales process.

Content Creation

Author and convert content directly within Veelo. Add audio, video, knowledge checks, quizzes and more. Great for onboarding, training reinforcement, and chunking bulky playbook PowerPoints and PDFs into digestible bite-sized pieces to maximize knowledge retention. Create and deliver short memory boosters to increase knowledge retention.

Content Sharing

Email files from Veelo or the CRM and get instant alerts and feedback when prospects engage with shared content. Field sales reps can create the perfect sales bundle and take it with them, even if they are offline. App available for both iOS and Android.

Content Management

Load files directly into Veelo or synch with existing content repositories such as SharePoint or Box. Manage assets, tag, track, and set permissions on what sellers can see and share.

Advanced Revenue Analytics

Know which content and messaging are moving deals through the pipeline and generating revenue. Compare content and coaching usage by deal closure. View by asset, individual usage, customer views and more. Coaching reports deliver insights into sales rep skills proficiency and coaching opportunities.

Marketo Integration

Veelo’s™ sales performance platform integrates with all major CRMs, marketing automation platforms and content repositories. Best of all, it's simple and you can be up and running in hours.  Sync with Marketo and your CRM to create closed loop revenue tracking for your content.  Content usage data and content impact to the sales pipeline will help you decide what content is working and what content isn't.