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Universal Lead Capture is an alternative to renting lead retrieval from tradeshows and a great extension to and Marketo.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Universal Lead Capture
  • Onsite Registration Manager
  • EventHub® Mobile Web App
  • Session Tracking

Validar Universal Lead Capture Solution Overview
Validar’s Universal Lead Capture is software that can be customized to be used at any event and leveraged on most hardware platforms. This means that it can interface with external event badge reader peripherals, bar code, magnetic stripe, RFID readers, etc. For events without badges, it can interface with a CardScan 900c Business Card Reader or the information can be entered in manually. 

Design: The Validar Lead Capture template is built upon a robust survey platform. Our design services team can develop it to be used as a concierge or self-serve kiosk, mobile leveraging an iPad, iTouch or Windows Mobile device depending upon your booth layout. Your lead capture design will message your brand and also imbed your custom qualification questions. We will assign a rank or score (based upon questions answered) to the leads that are captured within the template that align with Marketo’s. 

Simplicity: Your Validar Lead Capture solution will be turn-key from the start of your specific event. As our service to you, Validar will have contacted the associated event company, ordered a sample a badge, and tested the solution against it. We can deliver your custom software one of three ways:

  1. Post your software to a personalized, secure, online support site for you to download on to your platform or device of choice.
  2. Pre-load your software onto your platform or device and ship to you prior to the event.
  3. Deliver your software on a USB Flashdrive, which is plug and play.

We can also ship to you whatever hardware (scanner) is necessary for that particular event depending on the type of badge media. Or, if there are no badges to be scanned at that event, supply you with a business card reader.

Alerting: At the event, there is confusion, noise and lots of stimulation. Manual processes can’t be responsible for making sure that sales are talking to the right person at the event. Validar can alert stakeholders such as sales management via SMS when a highly qualified lead is at the booth the event booth or when a VIP is scanned. The flexibility of our system will allow this to be done by any attribute; such as company.

Marketo Integration

Lead Import 3.9 for AppExchange
Drive leads from any event direct into and Marketo using Validar Lead Import for AppExchange. This is a robust application that improves the lead management process for every member of your organization: marketing, sales and your system administrator. Utilizing Lead Import, ranked and categorized leads can be mapped to the correct fields and distributed to the right sales people automatically. With its contact and lead matching, Validar Lead Import will notify you of potential duplicates when creating new leads. This means your organization will spend more time selling and less time importing and managing leads.

Features include:

  • Marketo triggers - Drive data into any custom field for both contacts or leads to trigger a Marketo activity based upon lead score
  • Lead De-Duping - Exact match and closest matching of Leads and Contacts, to maintain data integrity. 
  • Salesforce ID Matching - When importing from a known list, Validar Lead Import will ensure the IDs are the first thing matched within Leads and Contacts.
  • Record Type Matching - If Lead or Contact Record Type is present, then it can be mapped or assigned according to your business needs.
  • Field Level Mapping - Map Validar Lead data to the specific field targets in 
  • Lead Creation - Create Leads and leverage your distribution rules. 
  • Campaign Assignment - Track Event effectiveness by assigning the Validar Lead Source to a Campaign. 
  • Campaign Member Status – Salesforce users who leverage campaigns can now set and overwrite the campaign member status field. Perfect for marketing campaigns with multiple touches such as registered, attended etc. 
  • Auto-Task Generation - Create Activities or Tasks to start a new sales workflow. 
  • Data Cleansing - Filter out the lead data results which do not meet your quality standards 
  • Archiving of Lead Sources – Provides the ability to make old or expired lead sources inactive. 
  • Import Automation – Leads will automatically process when captured assuring follow-up is timely. This is a huge benefit to our web-form users. 

With Lead Import for Appexchange you can extend your Marketo scoring down to the show floor by leveraging Universal Lead capture as a means to all allow attendees to control treatment post event by Marketo and sales. All in an automated fashion.