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How might you use this? A few examples:

  • Increase a lead’s score if they’ve submitted feedback or tickets. We know from our own experience that if someone actually takes to time to do either of these things they are more engaged and thus more likely to convert.
  • Send an email campaign out to everyone that gives you feedback. This is useful for just saying thank you or for sending a follow-up survey to those folks.
  • Use satisfaction scores to build smarter retention / upsell campaigns. You can tailor your email campaign for someone who is a detractor versus someone who is a promoter.


UserVoice for Marketo allows marketers to use UserVoice activity (product feedback, support tickets, and satisfaction ratings) as a signal for scoring and segmenting leads.

What’s the difference between a lead who has contacted support and one who hasn’t? Quite possibly a conversion.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that many of our customers have found that leads who provide feedback or contact a support team are more likely to convert to paying customers. They’ve shown more than a passing interest in a product and hopefully had a positive interaction with a support team.

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