UserTesting: Customer Experience Research

UserTesting  |  Applications
The leading user research platform for companies delivering optimized customer experiences on their websites or mobile apps.
Main Features
  • Video feedback of real people
  • Reach exact target audience
  • Built-in metrics & reporting
  • Create & share highlight reels

Analytics tell you what happened; UserTesting tells you why. Our powerful and easy-to-use user testing solution delivers your most important customer insights across all your web properties and apps, on virtually any device. Quickly and easily test the efficacy of your Marketo landing pages, email campaigns, lead generation forms and more. We give you videos of real people using your site or app so you can see and hear where they get stuck or confused.


Videos & Metrics

Our platform delivers qualitative insights from user videos, and quantitative insights from metrics.


The Testers

The testers are whoever you want them to be—whether your own customers, or targeted users from our diverse panel.


Website Tests

Understand the user experience on any website—even competitor sites. No code to install. No IT help needed.


Mobile App Tests

Watch real people using your app on iOS or Android phones or tablets. Even test before launch to improve your reviews.


Professional Services

Our experienced, credentialed experts are available to partner with your team to get you great insights even faster.


DIY Tools

Want to handle everything yourself? Our cloud-based solution lets you create your own tests and review, annotate, and share results.

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