Usermind: Customer Journey Orchestration

By Usermind

With Usermind, you can automate business operations between Marketo, cloud applications, and other systems — without coding.


Automate and operationalize your customer journey across Marketo, your CRM, help desk, finance system, and other cloud applications — without coding.

With Usermind, you can automate complex workflows for lead nurturing, account matching, marketing-to-sales handoff, customer service escalations, online trial optimization, and more. You can use signals in any connected system (Salesforce, Mixpanel, Zuora, and more) to update Marketo fields, and use behavior tracked in Marketo to trigger actions and updates in other systems. 

How it Works

  • CONNECT — Integrate with Marketo in minutes. With Usermind's bi-directional integrations, you can unify data, including custom objects, from every connected system.
  • AUTOMATE — Define business logic and rules to automate processes across applications and teams.
  • ANALYZE — With action-outcome analytics, you can see where customers get stalled in their journey, and get insight about what actions drive key results.
  • OPTIMIZE — Take immediate action to improve your customer journey at every stage.

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Connecting Marketo to Usermind (and the rest of your cloud applications and services) only takes a few minutes. Then you can easily orchestrate complex business processes across any connected system, without coding.


With Usermind, you can implement customer-facing and internal journeys like:


  • Behavior-driven nurture based on data from your CRM, help desk, billing system, or product usage analytics platform
  • Lead management, fast-tracking, and handoff based on signals from your sales, service, analytics, and finance platforms
  • Notification to account owners when a customer interacts with another connected system
  • Enriched lead scoring with signals tracked by other platforms


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