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Safely manage email lists across multiple partners or ESPs. Save lead space, prevent duplicate leads, and avoid CAN-SPAM violations.


With 15 years of experience, UnsubCentral is the leader in email compliance. UnsubCentral’s proven platform allows email marketers to store, share, and scrub email list data with ease. By centralizing your email lists on the UnsubCentral platform, you can secure your data, monitor your email partners, and drive email revenue.

UnsubCentral integrates with Marketo and other platforms to centralize and allow seamless syncing of email list data. Use UnsubCentral to house your unsubscribes for lead qualification, safely sharing list data between partners, ESPs, or your performance marketing platform.


Lead Qualification

Ensure leads generated internally or by your partner(s) are not duplicates, existing customers or unsubscribes before importing into Marketo.

Opt-Out Management

Avoid CAN-SPAM fines and hits to your reputation by honoring opt-outs quickly.

Email List Scrubbing

Securely generate clean lists without revealing email data to your partners.

Partner Monitoring

Monitor partner activity to prevent email partners from abusing your email list and damaging your brand.

Suppression List Data Management

Centralize email data on the UnsubCentral platform for seamless syncing between ESPs and other marketing automation

Email Client Suppression

Honor opt-outs without having to leave your email client (e.g. Outlook) for 1:1 outreach by your sales team(s).

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Save lead space by storing unsubscribes within UnsubCentral. Our certified Marketo integration enables easy & secure suppression data management. UnsubCentral also syncs unsubscribes with other email platforms, and when doing so, allows you to take advantage of our email client suppression tool for 1:1 messaging by sales team members who need to honor unsubscribes when sending email from Outlook.

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UnsubCentral is a convenient, centralized tool for all our email compliance activities. The interface is extremely easy to use, and implementation was a breeze.
Julia Matseikovich, VP of Revenue at HealthCare.com