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Unbounce gives marketers a way to build and test campaign landing pages, and create targeted popups and mobile-friendly sticky bars.


The Unbounce platform allows marketers to quickly create, launch and test high-converting landing pages, website overlays and other conversion tools without web developers. With unrivalled security and customer support, global hosting and 99.95% server uptime, Unbounce has powered over 350 million conversions to date. As one Canada’s fastest growing technology companies, Unbounce serves more than 14,000 customers worldwide, some of which include Vimeo, Hootsuite, The New York Times, World Vision, the Red Cross and many others. For more information about Unbounce please visit Unbounce.com or visit the Unbounce blog to learn more about conversion marketing.


Build without writing any code

Drag-and-drop builder makes it easy for marketers to create and test custom landing pages, popups, and sticky bars, without relying on developers.

Conversion focused templates

Publish your first campaign in less time by starting from one of 125+ conversion focused templates.

Optimize conversion w/ A/B testing

Run experiments to validate ideas and continually optimize for higher and higher conversion rates.

Personalize copy for every visitor

Make messaging more relevant and improve AdWords quality score by automatically changing copy to match visitors’ search terms using dynamic text.

Sleep better, 99.995 server uptime

Unbounce’s page servers have an astounding uptime of 99.995% to make sure your pages are always live, wherever you are.

Automatic SSL secure encryption

As of October 2017, SSL is required to collect form data in Google Chrome. Unbounce has you covered.

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Unbounce’s Marketo integration lets you build campaign landing pages and targeted overlays, instantly forwarding new conversions to Marketo — without any code.  

  • 5-minute setup you only have to do once 
  • Trigger workflows and smart lists based on info from your Unbounce forms 
  • Embed Marketo forms into your pages for progressive profiling and conditional fields

Video explainer and more information here.

In order to use this direct integration, you will need to have a Pro Unbounce account and a Marketo account.

To access this integration head into the Page Overview screen and click the Marketo Integration button. Click on the Marketo integration and a pop up asking for the following: Client ID, Client Secret and Rest API Endpoint will pop up.

To find the Client ID, Client Secret and Rest API Endpoint head to Marketo and into the Admin settings of your account. In the Admin settings head to Users & Roles. In Users & Roles, click the Roles tab and then click the add a new Role button. When adding a new role, fill in a Role Name, Description and for Permission select Access API. Then create the new role.

Once the new role is created, head into the Users tab and invite a New User. Here fill in a First Name, Last Name, Email Address and for Roles, check off the new role just added in the previous step. Lastly, check the checkbox for API Only. Now that a new Role and User has been added head to the Admin panel and select Launchpoint.

In Launchpoint, select the New button to add a New Service. Fill in a Display Name, select a Custom service, fill in a Description and for API Only User, select the User just added in the previous step.

Once the New Service is successfully added, hit the View Details button and a pop up with the Client ID and Client Secret will pop up. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret and paste it into Unbounce.

Next head back to the Admin panel and into Web Services.

In Web Services, head to Rest API and Copy + Paste the Rest API Endpoint into Unbounce.

Once the Client ID, Client Secret and Rest API Endpoint have been copied into Unbounce, proceed with authenticating the integration. Once the authentication is successful, you can select a specific list (within Marketo) that you would like to send your Unbounce leads to and Configure Field Mapping.

For more details please visit the Unbounce Academy.

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Hana Abaza, former VP Marketing at Uberflip