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Uberflip makes it easy for Marketo users to generate more leads and drive engagement with content experiences.


Uberflip is a content experience platform that empowers marketing and sales to create engaging, relevant content destinations quickly for every campaign, audience, and stage of the customer journey. Marketers use our platform to scale how they incorporate content into every touchpoint and remove friction from the customer journey by surfacing the right content at the right time. For more information, visit uberflip.com


Integrating Marketo with Uberflip allows your organization to leverage content at every stage of the buyer journey to accelerate your pipeline and drive revenue. Track lead activity seamlessly and optimize lead scoring with Uberflip data to drive better decision-making. Improve online engagement with AI-based content recommendations, powered by Marketo’s real-time personalization (RTP) and Uberflip destinations. 

Here’s how it works:

Integrating Marketo with Uberflip

Connect your Marketo instance to Uberflip in a few simple steps. Just create a new LaunchPoint Custom Service, enter your REST API credentials, create a few custom fields in Marketo, and you're done! Uberflip is seamlessly synced with your Marketo instance and can start to track all lead activity and engagement. 

Create CTAs to Drive Lead Generation

Create Uberflip calls-to-action (CTAs) that seamlessly sync with Marketo lists. Turn any piece of content into a high-converting asset with a gated experience that outperforms a traditional landing page by an average of 7x.

Trigger Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Once you’ve captured the contact information via a form CTA, trigger an email campaign specifically geared toward lead nurturing. You can even trigger different campaigns based on which CTA was filled out to ensure you’re always sending relevant content.

Improve Lead Scoring & Audience Segmentation

Refine and optimize lead scoring programs by understanding what content is the most compelling and converts best. Send more qualified leads to your sales team and make more effective decisions about your content marketing strategy.

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If I didn’t have Uberflip, I’d really be struggling to prove ROI on my content. With the combination of Uberflip, Marketo and BrightFunnel, I can see what’s working and what’s not.
Lisa Kenney, CEO Blackbaud