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TwentyThree's toolbox for lead and demand generation lets you convert viewers into leads and track video journeys in realtime


About TwentyThree

TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform, is the innovator in video marketing. Our video marketing platform is used by leading digital marketers globally to run and optimize their video across all channels with consolidated metrics and performance reporting. 

Video Marketing Automation

Video is a powerful tool in marketing automation and lead scoring, since engagement and actions can be measured directly. Video, live events and webinars are also a really effective way to identify visitors as qualified leads. 

The Audience and Collector features in TwentyThree are built exactly for this purpose. Using the product you will be able to convert, track and follow viewers of your video directly from TwentyThree.

The TwentyThree Toolbox

TwentyThree's toolbox for lead and demand generation lets you convert viewers into leads and track video journeys in realtime. The platform connects deep into Marketo and syncs lead profiles along with their activities:

  • Track all video and live viewer data for lead in Marketo. Our unique two-way contact sync means that you will never need to ask visitors for their information twice.
  • Create detailed campaigns, triggers and nurturing campaigns around the video journey. Score by video, by category or using video engagement milestones.
  • Lead-gen through video forms or using signup to live events and webinars.
  • Easy setup though the Marketo REST API and Custom Activities



Run Videos Everywhere

Native integrations with Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, allowing brands to upload once and coordinate video campaigns from a single platform.

Lead Generation

Convert viewers into leads by using video forms, track viewers across all video content and apply engagement scores based on their behaviour.


Innovative tools to help you build the best video experience – on your website, landing pages, email, and the rest of your web presence.

Video Analytics

Track every interaction – inside of marketing automation platforms – to know how viewers engage with video at every stage of the funnel.

Max Limit (6 Features)


Connect your Marketo account to TwentyThree

  • All the information becomes available within Marketo as well: Contact information, viewer data, video engagement scores, and more.
  • In addition, contact information is synced between TwentyThree and Marketo. This means that contacts from Marketo will automatically be available in Audience, and that you won't need to ask for lead information twice.
  • When TwentyThree and Marketo is connected information about contacts and their activity is shared between the two products. 


The integration is built with two-way sync, which has two major benefits:

  • First, contact information and detailed video usage information from TwentyThree is made available directly in Marketo -- where it can be used for attributes, program assignment, smart flows, lead scoring, e-mail campaigns, lead creation and much more.
  • Second, TwentyThree will automatically detect if a contact already exists in Marketo -- and then reuse that information without asking visitors to identify again. This ensures a great user experience and the best possible data foundation for your video marketing.

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