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Trunomi unlocks the power of customer data using consent and data rights. Trunomi provides customer consent and data rights management technology which enables businesses to request, receive, capture and prove the legal basis of data processing. For the business we create consent receipts and immuate audit trails of data interactions and convert them to customer data rights accessible across all data systems. We enable businesses to comply global data privacy laws, including EU GDPR, ePrivacy Regulation and CCPA. We automate compliance and replace inefficient and costly legacy approaches and futureproof for future regulatory change. For the customer we provide control and transparency over how their personal data is used. We provide customer consent and data rights management technology which enables businesses to request, receive and capture the legal basis for processing customers personal data. 

Trunomi is solving GDPR in a unique way which is turning regulation from a burden into a competitive advantage - harnessing the innovative technology to prove accountability and transparency in data use and access personalized, relevant, permissioned data sets from customers, in real time, to enhance the customer relationship and increase revenue. Trunomi has filed six patents for our technology and have raised over $9million in Venture Capital funding from two seed rounds (investors include: Saturn Ventures, SenaHill, WorldQuant, Fintonia). For full details of press & awards see:

  • Demonstrate compliance and accountability in customer data use
  • Prove legal basis of processing customer data with Trunomi data rights management
  • Request, capture and consolidate a gold source record of consent across all customer touch points and business systems
  • Create custom preference centers for opt-in data permission management
  • Automate compliance and integrate with existing applications and software
  • Provide your customer with control and transparency in how their personal data is used – empower them to share more data, to personalize experiences
  • Turn regulation from a burden to a competitive advantage


Secure Data Rights Platform

A flexible, modular, platform that provides businesses with the legal basis to store, process and share personal information.

Central Consent & Data Rights

Allows you to define consent and data rights policies in one place which connects to systems across your business.

Monitor & Prove Data Rights

Immutable, secure TruCertsTM provide the legal evidence of permission to process data.

Connect Business Systems

Data collected via the Trunomi platform is propagated out to the business’ internal systems and can also be pushed out to external systems.

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Integration with the Marketo platform is via a set of documented web hooks and APIs

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Personal data is like a sleepy, hungry bear. It’s hugely powerful but needs to be handled gently with great care.
Howard Elsey, Visa Europe Collab