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Identifies when target accounts are interested in your product, provides relevant contact info and automatically triggers Marketo email campaigns.


Intelligent and Automatic Campaign Triggering

As a native Marketo application, InsightBASE supports automatic triggering of email campaigns to people with surging interest in your product, along with automated alerts to sales or other staff.

Full Contact Information

 InsightBASE provides full contact information for millions of interested people – these valuable contact records will be directly injected into Marketo, improving the impact of marketing campaigns, the size of your prospect database and the effectiveness of your account-based marketing (ABM) initiatives. 

 Built for B2B Marketers


A marketer-friendly user interface makes it simple to identify precisely the types of companies that you wish to monitor - you may either upload a list of target accounts or select the types of companies you wish to monitor using drop-down menus for industry, location, number of employees, revenue, etc.  

Actionable Intent Signals


InsightBASE places the power of Intent Signals in the hands of marketers, aggregating billions of intent signals from across the internet and processing them through our proprietary Relevance Engine to identify companies or accounts that are showing an increased level of interest in a specific product category. 


InsightBASE also includes direct contact information (including phone numbers and email addresses) for the relevant individuals at each surging organization. This can augment your outreach substantially. 

Use InsightBASE to trigger automated campaigns to prospect accounts that at the very beginning of their buying journey. Set and forget InsightBASE campaigns knowing that whenever a prospect organization begins online product research, InsightBASE will automatically trigger an Oracle Eloqua campaign that you have created to deliver precisely the mid-funnel differentiating content that you wish these prospects to receive. 


InsightBASE is a native application within Marketo, meaning that Marketo users have access to the full array of InsightBASE functionality without ever leaving the Marketo platform. 

Setup requires neither coding nor technical expertise - it is a simple configuration rather than a customization and takes only a few minutes.

The attached "InsightBASE for Marketo - Implementation & User Guide" outlines the handful of steps needed to activate InsightBASE within your Marketo instance.

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