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TrenDemon is the standard for content marketing analytics. Get actionable insights to understand and increase your content's impact.


TrenDemon identifies the most effective content, its conversion paths and traffic sources, and gives you actionable insights into how your content is performing. 

You will be able to see which items and channels perform best, what content is getting the highest level of engagement and what content is helping increase your organic traffic. All of this helps you to make better decisions as for which content to create next, how to promote it, and where.

With real-time, personalized, performance-driven content recommendations and calls to action, TrenDemon helps you significantly drive up your conversion rates and increase leads from your website and content.All you need to do is specify which goal you would like to promote, and TrenDemon will make sure you will make the most out of every visitor.

By integrating your Marketo platform, TrenDemon presents personalized Calls to Action regarding the status of the visitor to convert him to your desired goals.

TrenDemon is fully automated and easily integrated with Marketo


With TrenDemon, you can uncover the true impact of your content marketing efforts, and optimize them with actionable insights about user engagement and conversions. Integrating TrenDemon it will enable you to:

  • Optimize your content creation efforts based on actionable insights about what your users are really engaging with.
  • Uncover the typical conversion paths and top performing sources to understand your marketing ROI
  • Optimize journeys with personalized, performance-driven content recommendations to your visitor’s.
  • Capture exiting visitors with targeted call to actions based on their Marketo status 




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We use Trendemon on a very complex, high traffic site.

By integrating their CTAs with Marketo, we have turned them into a lead dynamo.

In the first month, we got an additional 4,000 page views i
Avi H. Product Marketing and Demand Gen at Imperva