GlobalLink Connect for Marketo


When paired with Marketo, GlobalLink Connect streamlines the entire process of managing and launching complex international campaigns.

About's GlobalLink Connect provides users with a powerful solution to initiate, automate, control, track, and complete all facets of the translation process. Through the unique combination of Marketo and the extended workflow capabilities of GlobalLink, marketers have a comprehensive platform to manage campaigns for markets around the globe.

Content Control

GlobalLink offers the ability to easily identify and route content for translation while simultaneously enhancing control over source content during the translation process.

Rapid Deployment

The combination of GlobalLink Connect with Marketo has a minimal impact on your IT environment and staff. No dedicated hardware or IT personnel are required, and will provide world-class technical support and installation services to meet all your global needs.

Rapid Return on Investment

GlobalLink Connect provides immediate relief to IT departments and business users who are overburdened by the complex demands of supporting manual initiation and control of multilingual content workflows. The integrated solution also provides better visibility into the localization process for budgetary analysis.


Seamless Integration

Say goodbye to copy and paste. With scheduled or on-demand translation initiation via the UI, translation is made easier for your content authors.

On-Demand Analytics

Get a dashboard view of translation spend and other KPI’s to know how translation resources are performing and use that data to continuously improve.

Translation Vendor Management

Work with any combination of internal or external translation resources to crowdsource translations across unlimited resources.

Flexible Resources

Utilize the platform to manage any number of translations services and workflows across human and machine translation.

Rapid ROI

Due to centralized and shared translation memory, you’ll never have to pay twice. Reduce extra work in launching international multilingual content.

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GlobalLink Connect serves as a bridge between Marketo and our industry-leading Translation Management System, GlobalLink. Implementation of the integration entails the following steps.

1) Configure GlobalLink

2) Configure Marketo

3) Configure Scheduler

4) Configure Email

5) Configure Adaptor

6) Create LaunchPoint Service

Full professional services and documentation for implementation are provided by 

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