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Tracx is the next generation social enterprise platform that empowers brands to manage, monetize, and optimize their business.
Main Features
  • Monitor/manage social activity
  • Publish/schedule posts
  • Route/analyze conversations
  • Integrate with major apps

Tracx’s proprietary technology was built from the ground up to be a single, end-to-end enterprise social platform for today’s brands that need advanced analytics and greater insight into online conversations while also leveraging the power of SocialCRM.


Brands use the Tracx platform in the following use cases:

·       Brand Health

·       Competitive Benchmarking

·       Audience Analysis & Segmentation

·       Influencers Identification & Management

·       Social Leads (identifying, nurturing, converting)

·       Social Customer Care

·       Content Publishing 

·       Community Management

·       Reporting

·       Trend Identification

·       Campaign Management

·       ROI Analysis

·       Social Recruitment

·       Crisis Management


Tracx aggregates and analyzes data all publicly available data from the following social media networks; Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Places, Reddit, FourSquare, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, PLUS over 250 million blogs, 50,000 news sites, 200,000 Forums, 20,000 retail sites.

No other platform covers the entirety of social conversations like Tracx.