Traackr Influencer Marketing

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Traackr is an influencer marketing platform that finds the right people to engage for your promotional, lead generation and social media initiatives.
Main Features
  • Custom influencer search
  • Full online profiles
  • Built-in engagement
  • Content tracking & insights

A Robust Influencer Marketing Platform

Traackr helps you create effective social and digital strategies by helping you focus on the right people. The platform includes tools for discovering influencers, listening to them in real-time, building relationships and monitoring your progress.

Focus on the Right People

Traackr's influencer discovery engine searches major social networks, blogs and other sites to find the most influential people given your unique requirements. You define the topic and Traackr surfaces the most relevant people, with the most engaged audiences so you can make the most impact.

Insights You Can Use

Traackr surfaces key insights about people and their content so you can:

  • Seize perfect opportunities to connect
  • Figure out how to engage your influencers
  • Produce relevant content that will get shared
  • Build lasting relationships with people who impact your business

Even More Useful Features!

  • Influencer Network Analysis: See how information flows to and from your influencers. Find out who influences your influencers and figure out how specific people drive the behaviors you want.
  • Share of Voice Reporting: Automatically monitor how often your influencers are mention you, your products and your competition in their content.
  • Geotargeting: Find influencers based on specific geographic locations, including by US states and at the country level for the Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and more.
  • Langauge Search: Find influential people who publish content in languages other than English. Traackr can search for influencers in French and German.